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Try your luck! To win more on our Keno and moreover with Keno weekly cash rebate 0.4%
To all W88 active members are entitled to Keno weekly cash rebate 0.4% based on their total amount wagered in W88 Keno only during the promotion period.
Minimum payout is USD 1 (or equivalent currency), NO LIMIT payout. Keno W88
There is NO ROLLOVER requirement. W88 keno

Keno is an easy game to play, which is possibly why it is so popularly played almost everywhere in the world on a daily basis. The player need only to choose 10 or 20 numbers from 1-80. With every game, players need some helpful tips to get them along in playing. In Keno, the most useful tip that a player should keep in mind is before playing the game, make sure to know first about its details, procedures and terminology and the rest will come easy.

In a Keno game, the player may hear the word ‘race’. This word, when used in a Keno area, means a round of keno. Some casinos have several races per day.
Probably all Keno games are the same in terms of playing procedures and winning number drawings but what may possibly make each keno game different from the rest is the payout or the price at stake. If playing Keno using online sites, visit several sites first before settling on one particular Keno game. Look for a site that offers the highest earnings like W88.
One helpful strategy that some veterans in playing Keno may give an amateur is to decide on a way to select numbers such as birthdays, plate numbers or house and apartment numbers. When a set is already decided on, this set may be used over and over with every game of Keno played.
As with the other forms of lottery games, the numbers that have not been drawn as part of the winning combination for the number of previous game draws is possible to be called in the following game draw. So when playing Keno, study and inspect first the results of earlier games to determine which is possible to come up next.
This may be in contrast to the just mentioned tip, but there are players of Keno lotteries which make use of the numbers that have been drawn oftentimes as they think there might be an irregularity in the system that makes those frequently called numbers a favorite in lottery draws.



Deposit in your birthday month, get your Birthday Bonus.
Promotion applies to all members with registered currency USD, RMB, VND, IDR, MYR, THB, KRW.
Promotion applies for W88 VIP Gold, VIP Platinum and VIP Diamond only.
Member is allowed to claim once (1) on his/her birthday month, please refer to the following table for bonus payout:
Risk Category Birthday Bonus Maximum Bonus Payout (USD) Rollover Requirement
VIP Gold 28% 100 x5
VIP Platinum 68% 300 x5
VIP Diamond 88% 600 x5
No Rebates are entitled and Can Not be combined with existing reload bonus.
W88.com VIP Club reserves the right to cancel this promotion at any time, either for all members or individual member.
W88.com VIP Club General Promotions Terms & Conditions apply.

This game’s purpose is for the player to win big amounts of cash with just a meager investment or bet. So another sure strategy is to focus on this concept of the game. Betting high with this game may not be preferred by the player as a small bet may already be enough to win a major prize if lick is on the player’s side. A small bet may give a potential of winning a large sum of cash but the chances are low for obtaining the jackpot. This is risk of a high bet, that the player will only end up losing and wasting his money if ever he does not win.


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